CGM IRA Account Application, Documents and Forms

Review the printable CGM Traditional and Roth IRA Plan Document and Disclosure Statement below.


Effective January 1, 2020 IRS Revenue Rule 2018-17 may impact any CGM IRA account that is escheated, as per state law, as unclaimed or abandoned property to your state of residence.

If your CGM IRA account is escheated, the escheated assets will be treated as a taxable distribution to you and a 10% federal income tax withholding may be applied. If insufficient withholding is taken, you may be responsible for additional taxes, penalties and interest. If you live in a mandatory withholding state, state tax will also be withheld as per your state's rules. This distribution will generate a 1099R tax form to you. Additionally, if your account is escheated before you reach age 59½, a 10% penalty may also apply.

To avoid escheatment, please make telephone contact with us (800-343-5678, option 2) at least annually to prevent your Date of Last Contact (DOLC) from exceeding your state's threshold for escheatment. Also, please make sure that CGM has your current address to ensure that you receive any mailings related to escheatment.